QuikSay - An Ice Breaker Mobile App!

Innovative way to find people with similar interest & share positive reaction - Patent Pending!

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You Got Noticed!

QuikSay is an app that promotes positive reactions & minimize bullying. It has a reward system that tracks emojis & invites sent by you, and rewards positive attitude.

It's Awesome

List of key app features

Share positive emotions!

QuikSay is an app that promotes positive emotions and complements. It allows you to choose and send a emoji character of your desire to a person or a group of people in a close vicinity that you can find on your quick say app.With QuikSay you can send a emoji that presents your emotion and compliments such as:”hi” “you have a beautiful smile” “ good job “ “I like your speech “ “great game today”... and so on.

QuikSay Rewards

Quiksay has a reward system that tracks your number of emoji send and rewords you for your positive attitude. Positive thinking helps us to be healthier more productive and ultimately happier. Please join us to promote positivity around you!

Stay Connected 24/7

Share your positive emotions with like-minded people in near proximity as well as chat with your quiksay friends from anywhere, anytime...

Amazing Features - Patent Pending Technology

List of cool app features

Connect with people in vicinity

Send positive emotions to people within a mile range


Send personalized Emojis!

Group Chat

Create your own group for sending emojis & chat conversations.

Share Videos & Images

Share a 10 sec videos or images which disappears after viewing

Send Feedback

Send instant feedback to a group or individual person at an event or in close vicinity...


Activities QuikCoins
Invite and Signup a Friend 1000
Send an Emoji (1 unique emoji per day per person) 10
*NOTE 10000 QuikCoins = $1 (Redeemed via Amazon Gift Card)